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Box mods have quickly become the gold standard of the vaping industry. They have opened up a wider range of vaping technologies and provided a vastly improved experience over older cig-a-like-style devices. Even many new vapers prefer box mods to simpler vapes these days. Here at Four Seasons Trading Company, we’ve done our part to ensure you are getting the best box mod selection for your Houston vape shop. 

About Box Mods

Box mods are typically regarded as a step up from regular vape pens because they include advanced circuitry that allows for personalizing your vaping experience. Adjusting the power output of your device as well as the temperature of your vape can do this. In addition, box mods generally have room for larger batteries and tanks so you can go farther with your vape between charges and refills. Many people graduate from smaller vape pens to box mods over time as they become more familiar with the technology and get more comfortable experimenting with different configurations to improve their overall vaping experience. 

Choosing a Vaporizer Box Mod

There are many different styles of devices that fall under the box mod category. Most often you will see temperature control and sub-ohm classifications. Temperature control devices are those that allow you to adjust the temperature range of your coils to influence the taste and feel of the vapor being produced. Sub-ohm vapes use ultra-low resistance coils to boost the amount of vapor being produced and create stronger flavors. There are also a number of mini-box mods being released that allow for high-end functionality in a smaller package. Ultimately, each of these device styles are meant for different types of vapers, so you will want to stock your shop with a selection of each to cater to your customers. 

Serious vapers are always on the hunt for the latest box mods for sale. New box mods are released each year, usually offering more power, more precise controls, and new ways to personalize the experience. You can be sure that your customers are looking to you to bring them the next big e-cig box mod. You wouldn’t want your customers to be left with an underwhelming experience. That’s why you need to stock up on the devices that are really setting the pace for the future of the vaping industry. They will change the way you think about vaping forever.