Hookah Pipes


The physique, or govde, of a hookah pipe consists of a curved vessel which holds water. A swish stem rises from the physique and on the high of the stem is a bowl, or lle, which holds the tobacco. From one to a number of versatile hoses, the marpuc, with a mouthpiece, or agizlik, on the finish, are used to attract the hookah smoke down by way of the water. The hookah tobacco is heated by charcoal and the water filters and cools the smoke. The water gurgles gently, like a woodland stream, and, within the course of, makes the smoke clean and funky.

The phrase shisha, which is commonly one other phrase for hookah, comes from the Persian that means glass or bottle. Hookahs and the tradition of hookah smoking is sometimes called hookah shisha. Considerably confusingly, at first, individuals additionally confer with hookah tobacco as shisha, or hookah shisha–and there’s a Shisha model of hookah shisha!

Hookah pipes right this moment are available many kinds, from Egyptian to Syrian, touring, mini and mod fashions to specialty and customized designs. There’s a world of historical past within the craftsmanship of hookah pipes. Conventional supplies utilized in making hookahs have been blown glass, usually extremely embellished in gold or enamel portray, brass, aluminum, silver, porcelain, clay, carved stone and wooden, and leather-based. All these similar supplies are used right this moment, with the addition of stainless-steel, Pyrex glass, plastic, rubber, and top quality acrylics, amongst others.

In eating places and smoking lounges, individually wrapped, disposable plastic mouthpieces are offered for every smoker. Different accoutrements of the hookah pipe and tobacco embody the hookah charcoal and metallic tongs. The charcoal is usually in coin-sized items and every lasts for about half-hour within the gradual smoking tobacco combination.

Sure etiquette applies to the smoking of hookah pipes: the water pipes are supposed to be on the bottom, relatively than on a excessive desk or shelf, with the people who smoke seated on cushions or low seats round it–though in fashionable hookah lounges, they usually seem on tables. Shared hookah pipes usually are not purported to be handed, however relatively set down after smoking in order that the subsequent smoker can take up the pipe at their leisure.


Source by Ross Bainbridge