Photovoltaic (PV) Photo voltaic & Wind Electrical energy Technology in Spain – A Private Expertise


Earlier than we put in our system, I regarded in every single place for ideas and information that may assist us keep away from making the fallacious selections. Three years of distress have passed by earlier than we’ve got an inexpensive working system. We reside in Spain. There’s a grant for set up of off-grid energy which implies battery-backed electrical techniques. The kind of photo voltaic panels that warmth your water are fairly totally different and we are able to take into account these on one other day.

There’s numerous assist on the net for these searching for “regular” electrical energy once they reside, as we do, miles away from any mains electrical transmission line. However that assist tends to be particular to, say, windmills or PV panels, somewhat than overlaying the entire format and many of the articles are from the USA. Firstly, related solely to Spain, there’s a grant “subvencíon” from Prosol, in Andalucía, a authorities sponsored company. The grant was, in 2007, for 40% of your photo voltaic panel (PV) price, it has dopped in 2009 to round 30% and also you now want two sources of “inexperienced” power as an illustration photo voltaic panels and a wind turbine.

This stuff matter, our whole expenditure on stand-alone electrical energy has been round €24,000 of which €8,000 has come again by the use of authorities subsidy grant. So, for those who reside in Spain (or anyplace the place there’s a authorities subsidy) primary on you precedence listing is to be completely 100% positive that your provider qualifies for the grant. Though we finally obtained ours, it took three years of authorized battles and our provider has now gone out of enterprise. Our neighbours (our nearest however they’re 3km away) had been a lot smarter, they solely paid the (identical) installer 60% of the set up value and stated they might pay the distinction when their authorities grant got here by way of (it hasn´t).

OK, so you’re smarter than us and you’ve got tied your provider right down to a extremely tight contract which provides you your energy however throws the burden of reclaiming the federal government grants onto them. What are you going to order in the way in which of off-grid electrical energy? Clearly, this depends upon the place you reside. In case you don´t reside someplace with a resonable sunshine report, overlook PV. Right here within the sunniest a part of Southern Spain (and we´ve had a horrid winter) we get round 12 kilowatt hours per sunny day from our 2kw array of photo voltaic panels. What does this imply? Which means that we’ve got 12 x 170w panels on our roof which generate (in excellent situations) simply over 2kw of energy which fits into our batteries. The precise energy that they produce depends upon the quantity of daylight, the warmth of the panels (they produce much less electrical energy once they warmth up, which they naturally do within the sunshine), and the size of the day. So, in winter the panels are chilly, the day is brief and the solar could be dazzling. In summer time the panels are sizzling, the solar is out for ages and the standard of sunshine is usually much less good – hazy.

We alter the angle of the panels within the Spring and Autumn as a result of this offers us an additional 7% or 150 watts of energy by pointing the panels extra in direction of trajectory of the solar. Within the winter, the solar is low on the horizon, in the summertime it goes nearly proper overhead. The angle we use is 25º in summer time and 45º in winter. The panels MUST level due (not magnetic) South. Amazingly, the quantity of energy produced in a day in the summertime or the winter is about the identical.

The distinction is that within the winter we don´t use a lot energy, just for lighting and the traditional family machines. In summer time the swimming pool pump is on for 4 to 6 hours a day and this actually strains the system. I’ll come onto batteries, inverters, cost controllers and so forth. later however I desire a reader to grasp what they will obtain with a €20,000 spend on photo voltaic PV and wind electrical.

Once we first regarded into this entire matter, there have been quite a few blogs and web sites that informed us that we needed to save each ounce of power or we might not be capable to reside a standard life. The fact is that we run the washer (however not tumble dryer), the dish washer, the steam iron, the fridge-freezer, the electrical toaster, the Magimix, the breadmaker, the microwave, the de-humidifyer, the water stress pump and (the worst wrongdoer) the swimming pool pump. So we reside a standard life and we’ve got no electrical energy from the grid.

Once we regarded into the idea to start with, web sites informed us that we couldn´t have fridges or freezers or any type of electric-guzzler. Simply not true, you need to use your hair dryer as a result of it´s solely on for 10 minutes and the large baddie is the swimming pool pump which consumes the identical quantity however is on for hours. To sum up, for an outlay of €16k (after the grant), you’ll be able to have an electrical system higher than the mains (not less than in Spain the place it’s perpetually failing and “browning out”). Right here in Andalucia, the common electrical invoice is €250 each two months to incorporate Winter Heating and Summer season Cooling. This provides as much as round €1,500 a 12 months, none of which is payable for a PV system. This appears a practical payback timescale to me of 10 to 12 years (or shorter if the worth of electrical energy will increase).

Before you purchase, simply make certain of all of your prices. Your installer will probably be going by way of the traditional wholesale channels in Spain and you can be paying retail costs. Some gadgets are a lot cheaper from the UK that, grant or not, it’s a must to purchase them there and get them couriered to Spain. ALWAYS test costs on eBay before you purchase something.

Batteries. Assuming you have got a largeish set up you’ll both be operating a 24v or 48v system. Which to decide on? We now have 48v which implies 24 x 2v batteries. A 24v system which had the identical battery capability would have 12 batteries of 2v however with every battery double the dimensions. Why would you select one over the opposite? Nicely, my opinion is that 48v is extra elegant however there once more there may be extra package out there for 24v. How on Earth are you able to perceive this? A 4 cylinder automotive engine is completely good however an eight cylinder is healthier, though costlier. I don´t assume it issues massively which you select, 48v will price you a bit extra so for those who´re on a finances go 24v however the distinction isn´t big.

Batteries. What’s the solely vital factor about batteries? That they’re NEVER discharged past their nominal worth. So, we’ve got 24 x 2 volt batteries making a nominal 48 volts. These batteries will truly cost as much as round 60 volts, relying on temperature. This “overcharging” known as “absorbing” and cleans the lead plates. After a few hours the cost controller will drop the voltage to round 54 volts which known as floating. In case your batteries discharge decrease than their nominal worth, 48 volts in our case, they are going to be ruined, that means that they’ll by no means be capable to retailer a full cost once more. Please perceive this it’s a very powerful truth in all of your solar energy set up, for those who study nothing else from this, please keep in mind to NEVER let your batteries discharge beneath thier nominal voltage. Halve all of the figures for a 24v system.

Batteries must be topped up with distilled water, nothing else. So, so long as you by no means allow them to fall beneath their nominal voltage, don´t fear about something apart from preserving them topped up and preserving the connections properly greased to maintain out the oxygen which could corrode them. When there isn’t a solar and no wind and it is advisable to prime them up, you’ll have to use a generator. Usually, you’ll have a big sufficient battery financial institution to outlive three days with out solar however throughout these three days you don’t use the swimming pool pump, the washer, your hairdryer and so forth. You’ll be able to nonetheless use the lighting and some luxuries just like the TV however frequent sense tells you that the extra you are taking out of your batteries the earlier they get near 48 volts after which it’s a must to act.

Mills are soiled and noisy and eat costly petrol or diesel so the much less you employ them the higher. Nonetheless, the largest price of a generator is the machine itself. A correct generator is powered by a multi-cylinder water cooled engine and can price you round €5,000 new. Appropriately serviced, this could final you a lifetime. On the different finish of the dimensions are little, Chinese language made, single cylinder, air cooled engines. We paid €2,000 for our first diesel one with electrical begin and sound-proofed field and we’re on our third which price lower than €200 and is essentially the most primary I may discover. Nonetheless a lot you pay for these “low cost” mills, don’t anticipate them to final 500 hours, even for those who change the oil each 100 hours and clear the air filter each 50 hours. That’s the reason we purchase the most cost effective attainable.

NEVER lend your generator to anybody else. The explanation that they wish to borrow yours is that they’ve damaged theirs and they’ll return yours in the identical state. Once they return it, it’d seem to work however they’ll have altered the velocity at which the engine runs and this alters the output voltage of the generator. The generator is usually wired into your inverter (see beneath) which is the only costliest piece of package in your entire system.

If the voltage popping out of your generator is just too excessive it’s going to blow up your inverter, which price us €5,000, and the assure is not going to be legitimate except you’re actually fortunate, as we had been, twice! So, my advice to you is to not wire the generator into your inverter however to make use of a stand-alone battery charger. Ours was designed to recharge a fork-lift truck so it is aware of to show itself off when the batteries are full, though I can not think about anybody utilizing a generator for that lengthy.

The inverter turns your DC battery-stored electrical energy into AC voltage at 230v (or 120v within the USA) which implies that extraordinary machines that you just purchase within the high-street outlets will work. In case your generator is wired into your inverter the mains kind energy produced by the generator could be diverted into the home when not powering the batteries and, in our occasion, this precipitated limitless small energy surges because the inverter switched our electrical provide between generator and battery, another excuse to make use of a stand-alone battery charger. The inverter is a big and really heavy field as a result of, apart from some delicate and sophisticated electronics, it accommodates a coil that really converts your battery energy to mains-type electrical energy. As said above, it may be actually costly and for that reason some folks use multiple. Two small ones are far cheaper than one giant one however we opted for a single one which produces 5kw steady (with a most load of 10kw) on the premise that 5kw is represented by the diswasher, washer and swimming pool pump operating collectively so you do not need the entire system to overload when the fridge cuts in. Ours is produced by Mastervolt in Holland and they’re such a pleasure to take care of, thanks Mastervolt. Nonetheless, many individuals have a small inverter for the lighting circuit and a bigger one for the ring-main.

When our inverter went fallacious final time, I put in a 48v pc UPS (uninterruptable energy suppy) as an alternative till it returned. This price me (second hand and with out the battery, I’ve obtained batteries) lower than €100 and produced round 2.5kw of excellent energy. Fortunately, I do not actually have to consider it but when I used to be beginning over I’d properly have a financial institution of UPSs somewhat than a single inverter, nonetheless you would want to wire the home in another way as you can’t combine the AC present from totally different sources.

The subsequent most vital piece of package (apart from the panels) is your cost controller. Right here, I can advocate the Outback MX60 (one among solely three names that I’ll advocate to you on this article). The Outback takes the facility from the photo voltaic panels and makes use of it to cost the batteries. The MX60 is proscribed to 60 Amps output energy (except you learn the guide and work out easy methods to get it as much as 70) and volts x amps = watts (energy). Due to this fact in a 48v system energy output from the MX60 is twice what it’s in a 24v system, and this might be one other deciding issue for you in selection of voltage as for a 2kw panel array you would want two MX60s in case you are on 24v. There are three actually intelligent options on the MX60, which is configurable for 12, 24 or 48v output. Firstly, it’s going to take a a lot increased enter voltage than its output voltage (however solely as much as 130v most). Which means that we’ve got linked three 24v photo voltaic panels in collection to supply a nominal 72v output and an efficient output a lot increased, ours has peaked at 118v. The upper the voltage, the much less energy is misplaced within the wires beween the panels and the batteries. As we’ve got 12 panels, there are 4 units of three with the 4 units linked in paralel. Then the MX60 advantages from MPPT, most energy level monitoring, which wrings a bit extra energy from these costly photo voltaic panels. Lastly, the MX60 comes with an elective exterior thermometer which attaches to a battery and it due to this fact alters the charging of your battery financial institution to optimise it for temperature, thus extending the lifetime of your batteries.

Photo voltaic panels are a commodity and they’re the one issues backed by an extended assure. The Spanish authorities insists that they need to be assured to supply 80% of their rated output after 25 years. The primary set that we obtained had been branded Suntaics, a German firm who’re among the many least useful folks you would ever come throughout. These panels went fallacious inside six months as connecting wires inside them melted. My advice is to pay a bit extra and get a extremely well-known model from an organization that will probably be round in 25 years to honour their assure. Since putting in ours right into a body that hinges on the backside to permit us to alter the angle at totally different occasions of the 12 months, I would like not less than one different robust man to assist me elevate or decrease them. My advice could be to mount the body on a central pipe, like a scaffold tube, which might be rotated to alter the angle and would require little or no effort in comparison with bodily lifting the set of six panels that are fitted in a single body.

Photo voltaic panels give off electrical energy, known as photovoltaic or PV, once they obtain mild and they are often wired collectively in collection, as seen above, to supply increased voltage. I do know this will sound a bit easy, however you’ll be able to solely cost your 48 volt battery in case you are inputting greater than 48 volts. And keep in mind that in its “absorbing” stage, your battery may rise up to 60 volts earlier than settling down and “floating” at 54 volts or so (this adjustments with the temperature and with the kind of battery). Due to this fact, you’ll be able to’t cost a 48 volt battery from a single 24 volt photo voltaic panel, you want not less than two wired collectively. Simply to confuse you additional, a 24v photo voltaic panel will produce as much as 40v or extra relying of temerature and quantity of daylight! This idea is important once we take into account the windmill.

We solely have a windmill to qualify for the grant. Having stated that, we would not be with out it now. It was low cost and manufactured by FuturEnergy from the UK who’re extraordinarily useful. You will get the entire thing from eBay for lower than £1,000, windmill, cost controller, cease change and dump hundreds for one thing that outputs a nominal 1kw (our photo voltaic panels are rated at 2kw however not often produce greater than 1750w as a result of they produce much less as they warmth up). The FuturEnergy windmill outputs a nominal 48v, one other plus for selecting a 48v system.

So when it blows a gale, usually when the solar is just not shining, we do not have to make use of the generator to cost the batteries. Nonetheless, more often than not, the windmill is ineffective as a result of the voltage it produces depends upon the velocity at which it’s turning (I solely discovered this out by disconnecting it from the batteries which you aren’t meant to do). If the batteries are usually at round 49 to 50 volts at evening or when there isn’t a solar, which is a “comfy” stage, then the windmill can’t cost them except it’s producing greater than 49 volts. I have never measured the wind velocity at which this occurs however it’s only when there may be a lot wind that it’s uncomfortable being exterior – I do know that that’s subjective however is vital that you do not assume you are going to get a relentless supply of electrical energy except you reside in a really windy place. Evaluating the windmill’s enter with different folks’s experiences, I’d say that it is rather helpful however you’ll by no means get to drift the batteries from it, even for those who had 48 hours of fixed 25mph wind, whereas a few sunny days will simply float the batteries. Higher to depend on the windmill as one thing which may keep away from you having to make use of the generator on a day with out solar.

I had the tower for the windmill made on the native blacksmith’s of which there are loads in Spain. It consists of 1 and a bit scaffold tubes welded collectively to type a 7.5 metre pole on a hinged base and supported by 5mm metal wires from 4 metal plates bolted to a concrete base. At first, there was just one wire from every plate to the highest of the scaffold tube however the pipe would positively have buckled with out a second wire to assist it half approach up and preserve it inflexible.

Easy methods to give a abstract of our three 12 months journey in different power in Spain? The primary piece of recommendation is to belief nobody, our unique installer has gone out of enterprise and did not know what they had been doing anyway. The extra you study your self, the much less probably you’re to make a expensive mistake. Now that it’s all over, I’d not select the choice of putting in a severe on-demand diesel generator which appeared the higher approach for a very long time. Nonetheless, I’d do with out the federal government grant and would purchase all of the gadgets that I would like (apart from the batteries which actually must be delivered to you from the manufacturing unit) from eBay and match them myself. This could save more cash than the grant offered and, though electrical energy could be very harmful and I like to recommend you employ a professional electrician to attach up your system, the entire idea could be very straightforward and simply takes a bit frequent sense. Worry of the unknown leads us to seek the advice of an ‘knowledgeable’ and, whereas undoubtedly there are properly certified off-grid engineers on the market someplace, neither we nor our neighbours have discovered one but and we’ve got consulted many ‘consultants’.


Source by Edmund Sykes